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Royal Paulownia
Paulownia tomentosa
Distinguishing Features: Lavender flowers in spikes, fruit is a large capsule that dries and splits when mature
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: 50 feet tall and wide, dense, rounded to irregular crown
  • Leaf: Simple and opposite, heart shaped leaves, 5 to 10 inches long, entire leaf margins, somewhat pubescent, medium green leaf color
  • Flower: Tubular, funnel-shaped, pinkish-lavender flowers (upto 2 inches long) with interior dark purple spotting and creamy yellow striping. Flowers appear in spring in clusters (to 14 inches long)
  • Bark: Olive-brown colored pubescent thick stems having lenticels
  • Fruit or Seed: 1 to 2 inches long, oval, woody, dehiscent seed capsules that emerge sticky green and ripen to brown in fall, can contain up to 2000 winged seeds
  • Other:
Royal Paulownia
Paulownia tomentosa leaf
Royal Paulownia
Paulownia tomentosa fruit