Philly Tree Map

Tree Key
Common Name Scientific Name Distinguishing Feature
American Basswood Tilia americana Leaf bases are not even, large heart shaped leaves, buds are dark reddish-brown
American Beech Fagus grandifolia Nuts in a papery sheath with curved spikes, long narrow pointy buds
American Holly Ilex opaca Short spines at leaf points, dark green above with lighter green below
American Hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana Seeds are hanging clusters of nutlets with wide, papery wings, buds are tiny and pointed
American Red Bud Cercis canadensis Heart-shaped leaves, showy pink flowers on old branches and trunks, flattened seed pods
American Smoke Tree Cotinus obovatus Flowers in large, “smokey” clusters, flaky bark and some leaves have notched tips
American Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua Spiny seed balls that last into winter
American Sycamore Platanus occidentalis Seed balls are usually solitary, inner bark white
Amur Chokecherry Prunus maackii Large showy clusters of white flowers, hairs on underside of leaf's central vein
Amur Maackia Maackia amurensis White flowers in large clusters, curly shedding amber-colored bark
Amur Maple Acer ginnala Prominent central lobe with toothed edges
Austrian Pine Pinus nigra Needles in bundles of 2 and very sharp
Birch Betula nigra Creamy orange shedding bark, male catkins grouped in threes, shiny leaves with large and small teeth
Black Cherry Prunus serotina Large showy clusters of white flowers, bright red berries
Black Locust Robinia psuedoacacia Showy white flowers in long hanging clusters, thorns on stems near buds
Black Tupelo Nyssa sylvatica Leathery leaves, dark blue fruit on female trees, branches at 90 degree angle to trunk
Black Walnut Juglans nigra Fleshy green layer around nuts, juice will dye skin and clothes brown
Blue Spruce Picea pungens Needle color from slightly blue to very obviously blue, wavy cone scale edges
Boxelder Acer negundo Many leaflets, young twigs have a waxy layer that can be rubbed off
Bur Oak Quercus macrocarpa Shallow and rounded lobes, acorn caps are hairy around edges
Callelry Pear Pyrus calleryana Leathery leaves with wavy edges, long leaf stems, fruit covered in brownish-red dots
Chestnut Oak Quercus prinus Shallow lobes, very dark bark and large acorns
Common Baldcypress Taxodium distichum Root spurs or knees in wet sites, globe-shaped brown cones Root spurs or knees in wet sites, globe-shaped brown cones
Common Chokecherry Prunus virginiana Large showy clusters of white flowers, bright red berries
Corktree Phellodendron amurense Corky and ridged bark, black or green berries
Crapemyrtle Lagerstroemia indica Showy white, pink or purple flowers in large clusters, fruit is dry 6-part capsule that splits when dry
Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides Round cones are bluish when young, stems always grow in pairs opposite each other.
Delaware American Elm Ulmus americana Seeds in the center of a wing, young twigs are fuzzy
Devil's Walking Stick Aralia spinosa Prickles on young stems, large clusters of tiny flowers at branch tips
Dogwood Cornus florida Flowers are small green clusters with 4 large white petal-like bracts, bright red fruit in clusters of 3 to 4
Eastern Cottonwood Populus deltoides Large sticky buds, seeds have white cottony fibers
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Young twigs are fuzzy, small cones have smooth scale edges
Eastern Redcedar Juniperus virginiana May have both needles and flat scales on the same tree, waxy blue berry-like cones
Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus Needles in bundles of 5 with toothed edges, long slightly curved hanging cones
English Hawthorn Crataegus laevigata 1 inch thorns along stems, deeply lobed leaves, bright red berries
English Oak Quercus robur Shallow and rounded lobes, long rounded acorns in clusters up to 5
European Hornbeam Carpinus betulus Seeds are hanging clusters of nutlets with narrow, papery wings, buds curve toward the stem
Flowering crabapple Malus spp 5 petaled flowers, small red to yellow apples
Fringetree Chionanthus virginicus White, fringe-like flowers in showy clusters, fruit is small blue-black berry on female plants
Ginko Ginkgo biloba Fan-shaped leaves with parallel veins and notches
Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata Leaflets are irregularly lobed or toothed, showy yellow flower clusters, papery lantern-shaped seed pods
Green Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica Single-winged seeds in sparse clusters
Hackberry Celtis spp Small black fruit with a large seed, zigzag stem pattern
Hardy Rubber Tree Eucommia ulmoides Rubbery sap when leaf is boken
Hedge Maple Acer campestre Milky sap in leaf veins, young twigs may bace corky ridges
Hop Hornbeam Ostrya virginiana Fruit clusters look like hops, bark is ropy and knotted on older trees
Horsechestnut Aesculus hippocastanum Showy flowers in large spikes, leaflets attached to a center point, spiky husk around nuts
Japanese Pagoda Tree Styphnolobium japonicum Green bark on young branches with raised tan spots, fleshy green pods that narrow significantly between seeds
Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa reticulata White flowers in large clusters, seed capsules split in half when dry
Katsuratree Cercidiphyllum japonicum Heart-shaped leaves that are purple when young, seeds are small, fleshy pods in pairs on stems
Kentucky Coffee Tree Gymnocladus dioicus Very large, chunky seed pod with large seeds
Korean Stewartia Stewartia koreana Bark flakes off in plates, long buds with hairs at the tip
Lacebark Elm Ulmus parvifolia Seeds in the center of a wing, bark sheds in plates
Littleleaf Linden Tilia cordata Leaf bases are not even, small heart shaped leaves, buds are light brownish-green
London Planetree Platanus acerifolia Seed balls are usually clustered in 2's and 3's, bark falls off in plates, inner bark creamy
Magnolia Magnolia acuminata Large silvery and fuzzy buds at ends of branches, fruit large and fleshy, shaped like a small cucumber
Mulberry Morus rubra Dark reddish-black blackberry-like fruits, leaves may be irregularly lobed
Northern Catalpa Catalpa speciosa Heart-shaped leaves, flowers in showy clusters with spotted throats, fruit is a long bean
Northern White Cedar Thuja occidentalis Small scale-like leaves, small woody cone that splits, young branches lay flat
Norway Maple Acer platanoides Seed wings have wide angle, mature in the fall and stay on the tree late
Norway Spruce Picea abies Long narrow cones with notched scales
Paperbark Maple Acer griseum Sheading cinnamon-brown bark, buds ar sharp and dark purplish-brown
Pignut Hickory Carya glabra Last leaflet is largest, sharply toothed leaves, nut husk splits in 4 sections
Pin Oak Quercus palustris Deep narrow and pointed lobes, small acorns
Purpleblow Maple Acer truncatum Middle lobe is much larger, side lobes are very small, red seeds and wings
Red Maple Acer rubrum Red flowers, leaf stems and seed wings, changes color early in the fall
Red Oak Quercus rubra Shallow and pointed lobes with bristles at tip, large acorns
Royal Paulownia Paulownia tomentosa Lavender flowers in spikes, fruit is a large capsule that dries and splits when mature
Sassafras Sassafras albidum Leaves with 0, 1 or 2 lobes
Sawtooth Oak Quercus acutissima Bristle-like teeth along edges, young leaves are fuzzy
Serviceberry Amelanchier grandiflora Young leaves are purplish, bright red fruits
Shagbark Hickory Carya ovata Shaggy bark, usually only 5 leaflets, thick nut husk splits
Shingle Oak Quercus imbricaria Very dark and shiny green leaves, small and squat acorns
Shumard Oak Quercus shumardii Deep and pointed lobes, large acorns with a small cap
Siberian Elm Ulmus pumila Seeds in the center of a deeply notched wing, young leaves have a fuzzy underside
Silktree Albizia julibrissin Pink to red thread-like flowers
Silver Linden Tilia tomentosa Young stems, buds and leaf undersides are fuzzy
Sourwood Oxydendrum arboreum Clusters of seed capsules at the ends of branches, red twigs with green spots
Staghorn Sumac Rhus typhina Leaflet center stem and young branches are hairy, fruit in a bright red spike at tops of branches
Striped Maple Acer pensylvanicum White or green stripes on young branches, lobes start on outer half of leaf
Sugar Maple Acer saccharum Seeds are round and firm and stay green after the wings turn brown, red and orange leaves on the same tree in the fall
Swamp Cottonwood Populus heterophylla Small sticky buds, fruit is a small dry capsule
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor Shallow and rounded lobes, leaf is wider near tip
Sycamore Maple Acer psuedoplatanus Leaves are thick and leathery with deep veins
Tall Stewartia Stewartia monadelpha Bright cinnamon brown smooth bark, multiple trunks
Tatarian Maple Acer tataricum Prominent central lobe with very small side lobes, no buds at the end of twigs
Thornless Honeylocust Gleditsia triacanthos Large thorns on branches, large flat and twisted pods
Tree Filbert Corylus colurna Nuts in a papery sheath, young twigs and leaf stems slightly fuzzy, large male catkins in the spring
Tree of Heaven Ailanthus altissima Very large leaves with many leaflets, single seed in twisted pod on female trees
Trident Maple Acer buergeranum Duck-foot shaped leaf and orange tinted bark
Tuliptree Liriodendron tulipifera Leaves have 4 lobes and are nearly flat on top, large yellow blossoms at the end of branches
Upright Mountain Ash Sorbus aucuparia Clusters of white flowers, then red berries
Viburnum Viburnum suspensum Evergreen, small pink trumpet-shaped flowers on clusters at branch tips
Washington Hawthorn Crataegus phaenopyrum 1 to 3 inch thorns along stems, bright red beries
White Ash Fraxinus americana Single-winged seeds in dense clusters, buds fuzzy and dark reddish brown
White Oak Quercus alba Lobes are deep and rounded, light colored flaky bark
Willow Salix spp Seeds have long white hairs, leaves are narrow and pointed
Willow Oak Quercus phellos Bristle on leaf tip
Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana Flowers appear after leaves drop, seed capsule explosively expels seeds in the fall
Yellowwood Cladrastis kentukea White pea-like flowers in long clusters, flattened seed pods that turn brown before leaves, alternate compound leaves
Yew Taxus brevifolia Needle stem runs along the twig for a short distance, fleshy red berry with a hole at the end
Yoshino Crytomeria Cryptomeria japonica Needles curve in towards the stem, turns bronze during winter, round spiky cones
Zelkova Zelkova serrata Young bark has many raised lighter horizontal bumps, older bark sheds to show orange underneath