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Eastern White Pine
Pinus strobus
Distinguishing Features: Needles in bundles of 5 with toothed edges, long slightly curved hanging cones
  • Type: Evergreen
  • Form at maturity: 50 to 80 feet tall by 30-50 feet wide, can reach well over 100 feet tall, pyramidal in its early years, matures to a broad oval habit with an irregular crown
  • Leaf: Thin flexible needles, 4 inches long, 5 needles in a group per fasicle, serrated margins and two stomatal lines on underside, light green with a bluish cast
  • Flower: Monoecious, Pink or yellow colored
  • Bark: Gray to gray-green in color, smooth when young, furrowed to scaly when old, has long internodes, new stems are somewhat silvery-gray
  • Fruit or Seed: Light brown cones, often numerous, cones are 6-8 inches long, curved with a pointed tip
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