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London Planetree
Platanus acerifolia
Distinguishing Features: Seed balls are usually clustered in 2's and 3's, bark falls off in plates, inner bark creamy
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: Heights upto 70 or 80 feet tall, spread typically matches the height, pyramidal in youth, more widespreading with age, rounded shape
  • Leaf: Alternate and simple, 6 to 7 inches long and up to 10 inches wide, 3 to 5-lobed, sparingly or coarsely tooted margins, shape overall is "maple-like", leaf color is medium to dark green, turns yellow-brown in Autumn
  • Flower: Monoecious flowers appear in small rounded clusters, male flowers are yellowish and female flowers are reddish
  • Bark: Brown colored bark which exfoliates in irregular pieces to reveal creamy white inner bark. Mature trees typically display mottled white bark
  • Fruit or Seed: Fuzzy, long-stalked, spherical fruiting balls (upto 1 3/8 inches diameter) that ripen to brown (actually a multiple fruit of achemes, borne in 2's and 3's)
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