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Littleleaf Linden
Tilia cordata
Distinguishing Features: Leaf bases are not even, small heart shaped leaves, buds are light brownish-green
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: Typically 50 to 60 feet tall, can reach 80 to 90 feet tall, formal pyramidal or conical shape in youth, ovate to gum-drop shaped when mature
  • Leaf: Alternate leaf arrangement, leaves are 1.5 to 3.5 inches long, heart-shaped leaves, leaf base is cordate or oblique, leaf has short acuminate tip, dark green and shiny above, light green undersides of leaves, yellow or yellow-green in autumn
  • Flower: Small, individual flowers in loose drooping clusters, flower clusters with a leaf-like bract, light yellow or creamy flower color
  • Bark: Ridges and furrows, color is gray-brown
  • Fruit or Seed: Small round nutlet 0.2 to 0.3 inch in diameter, cream color
  • Other: