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Delaware American Elm
Ulmus americana
Distinguishing Features: Seeds in the center of a wing, young twigs are fuzzy
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: 60 to 90 feet tall, three distinct habits: vase-shaped, broad and wide spreading or narrow with numerous branches covering trunk
  • Leaf: Alternate leaf arrangement, simple leaves with doubly serrated leaf margins, leave size varies from 3 to 6 inches long, oblique leaf base, serrate leaf margins, short petiole, dark green leaf color, turns yellowish-brown in autumn
  • Flower: Insignificant, small green flowers
  • Bark: Dark gray color with deep ridges, can be scaly when young, ridges criss cross, showing different layers of bark color, leaf scar appears to look like a "cat-face"
  • Fruit or Seed: single-seeded wafer-like rounded samaras (each tiny seed is surrounded by a flattened oval-rounded papery wing), notched at top, 0.5 inch in diameter, greenish yellow in color
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Delaware American Elm
Ulmus americana leaf
Delaware American Elm
Ulmus americana fruit