Philly Tree Map

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Zelkova serrata
Distinguishing Features: Young bark has many raised lighter horizontal bumps, older bark sheds to show orange underneath
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: 50 to 70 feet tall, rounded and broad crown when mature, young tree more or less vase-shaped
  • Leaf: Alternately arranged, simple leaves, margins toothed, elliptical shape, acuminate leaf tip, 1.25 to 3 inches long, dark green color, fall color is variable, a mix or yellow, russet, bronze, dark red and purple
  • Flower: Inconspicuous
  • Bark: Exfoliates in patches exposing orangish inner bark, young bark is smooth with prominent lenticels, base bark color is steel gray
  • Fruit or Seed: Small, kidney bean-shaped drupe about .25 inch across
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