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Tree of Heaven
Ailanthus altissima
Distinguishing Features: Very large leaves with many leaflets, single seed in twisted pod on female trees
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: 40 to 60 feet tall with aupright, spreading and open form
  • Leaf: Alternate, pinnately compound, 18 to 24 inches long, with up to 25 leaflets, dark green
  • Flower: 8 to 16 inches panicles of inconspicuous yellowish flowers,dioecious
  • Bark: Pale gray and smooth, with lighter, vertical streaks
  • Fruit or Seed: Samara, 1.5 inches long, on female trees yellowish to bright red, turning brown when ripe wing of fruit is twisted
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Tree of Heaven
Ailanthus altissima fruit