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Northern Catalpa
Catalpa speciosa
Distinguishing Features: Heart-shaped leaves, flowers in showy clusters with spotted throats, fruit is a long bean
  • Type: Deciduous
  • Form at maturity: Typically grows to 40-70 feet (less frequently to 100 feet) tall with an irregular, open-rounded to narrow-oval crown.
  • Leaf: Broad ovate to ovate-oblong leaves (to 12inch long) are pointed at the tips and rounded to cordate at the bases. Leaves are light green to yellow green above and densely pubescent below. Foliage turns an undistinguished yellow in fall.
  • Flower: Bell-shaped, orchid-like white flowers (to 2inch long) with purple and yellow inner spotting appear in panicles
  • Bark: Grayish-brown bark color, bark is ridged and furrowed, stout, smooth, pubescent stems, lenticels, large, circular leaf scars
  • Fruit or Seed: Green seedpods (12-22 inches long). The seedpods mature in fall to dark brown and then split open
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